SainT : RetroHQ :

October 11th 2019, 08:54:30

#1 The PCB is too thick!
The JagGD is 1.56mm as compared to 1.77mm of an Atari PCB measured at the card edge.

#2 The edge isn't beveled.
Yeah, also complete rubbish.

#3 It draws over 300ma!
Its run a 300ma 3.3v reg, which is 200ma at 5v plus a few other bits.

Lies lies lies!

SainT : RetroHQ :

October 11th 2019, 08:54:29

I feel the need to post about some dick scaremongering over the JagGD "killing" Jaguars. Lets go over the allegations and supporting evidence to the contrary. But to be fair, this was posted on Facebook. I am aware Facebook damages IQ quite considerably.

SainT : RetroHQ :

October 7th 2019, 08:45:51

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the input / feedback on other possible systems to look at for mods. I've had a load of great suggestions, so I'll be having a look at those as bedtime reading while working on the current projects. 😄

SainT : RetroHQ :

October 4th 2019, 16:54:07

Another hard days graft on the Lynx Game Drive. It's now fully functional with game selection menu built into the micrcontroller, so loading to menu is instant and everything is just much quicker in general. New features next...

SainT : RetroHQ :

October 2nd 2019, 15:06:07

512kb Ninja Gaiden 3 loading on the new Lynx Game Drive in under 2 seconds! 😄

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 30th 2019, 09:21:07

I'm having a bit of a re-brand! To give a recognisable name and logo to the RetroHQ cartridges, we now have the Game Drive (or GD) range of cartridges. While the products are being re-badged, they are otherwise the same awesome hardware. Just now with a nicer logo... 😄

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 27th 2019, 10:59:58

Change of scenery today! The Lynx SD Slim is now reading the SD card and accessing SRAM correctly now.

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 25th 2019, 14:25:42

Last 7800 SD prototype tweaks before getting one made. Serial debug header added for FTDI USB cable, lots of test points and audio filtering / biasing. Not quite sure what I'll need to match the POKEY vpp and bias, so a few options to play with.

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 24th 2019, 15:26:11

First pass Atari 7800 SD layout. Small embedded boot ROM, 512KB SRAM, 512KB serial FLASH for menu / firmware and microSD for storage.

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 19th 2019, 13:34:44

I'm getting some new Lynx SD shells made along with the next batch of NeoGeo Pocket SD and Jag SD cases. It will fit in both Lynx 1 & 2, which has been one of the main goals for this next revision. 🙂

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 19th 2019, 09:36:29

JagSD boxes are coming! More on this as things become concrete. 😄

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 13th 2019, 09:35:04

Holy crap! Ok, I now know why some of the JagSD carts I've posted out didn't get tracking information and have been delayed! It looks like this one was dropped in a puddle and run-over... 😲

Jody Hicks

September 12th 2019, 05:10:04

just quick gameplay footage of Rayman on the Jag using @TheRetroHQ Jag SD a Gen2Jag cable adapter with a Genesis @HDRetrovision component cable. A Beautiful image..... #atari #gamers #retrogamers #retrogaming

Peter Fletcher

September 12th 2019, 02:21:54

Atari Party East is this Saturday. I need to better organize the files on the Jaguar SD cart and soon. I will also be bringing my McWill screen modded Lynx and the Lynx SD card from @TheRetroHQ.

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 11th 2019, 22:22:23

More Jaguar video-out loveliness. And as an added bonus, they look like squares of chocolate! Well, to my eyes anyway... 😄
Almost ready! This last batch of GEN2Jag and Snes2Jag took waaaay to long to make. Just some clean up and final testing and they should be good to go! #RetroGaming #gamers #Atari

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 11th 2019, 22:15:21

Watch the video, then remind yourself it’s a C64. 😮
#C64 #SHMUP progress: a little WIP video of stage 7...

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 11th 2019, 21:56:56

Express your age as a games console. I’m Atari 2600 years old. I was born with gaming, how appropriate... 😄

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 10th 2019, 16:57:07

Love this stuff. 😄
Is it perfect, no, but is it the original face plate and @iFixRetro 's logo embedded inside a clear NES controller shell, why yes, yes it is

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 9th 2019, 17:37:49

The very first RetroHQ product. An Enterprise 64 RAM expansion. It all started here, folks! 😆
Stumbled on an ancient @TheRetroHQ product (from @JungsiGerhard)

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 6th 2019, 15:28:00

Guess what this means I'm doing... 😄

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 5th 2019, 20:15:22

Lol, $28 for a couple of bits of wire is ok but $200 for an extremely complex piece of electronic equipment with years of development... too expensive. Sigh. 🙄 Better get spending $80 a game instead then.

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 3rd 2019, 13:38:15

While I'm waiting for more JagSD PCB's to arrive the NeoGeo Pocket is getting some long overdue attention. 😁

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 3rd 2019, 12:06:11

Doom? With music? But surely they said that was impossible!? This is the sort of interesting thing you can have running on your Jaguar using the Jaguar SD. 😄 @nostalnerd
Follow the progress here:

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 31st 2019, 23:10:32

If you’re looking at this expecting something cool to load, you should be following me... 😆

Aᴛᴀʀɪ [Lynx] Gᴀᴍᴇʀ 🕹

August 31st 2019, 11:37:24

We have 9 out of 11 games submitted now. All title screens are revealed now too! This is going to be amazing! 😅👾🥰
#AtariLynx #AtariGamer #RetroGames #RetroGaming #RetroConsoles #GameDev #IndieGames #WPUGamers

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 30th 2019, 22:00:39

First video evidence of Jag SD’s in the wild! Bonus points for spotting the stylish new Retro HQ pin badge... 😆
Here's my review of @TheRetroHQ's JagSD ROM cart!:

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 30th 2019, 21:43:14

Argh, I’ve only just spotted the SOIC and TSOP pinouts on the SRAM are completely different. This explains why I couldn’t get SRAM reading and writing working on the Lynx SD Slim board! New board revision incoming... 🙄

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 30th 2019, 08:06:47

I’ve had one report of ROM loading freezing on the JagSD, if you have this issue PLEASE REPORT it. I’m not sure if this is bad cart connection, SD card issue or specific to the particular console. I can fix this, but it has implications for CD support for people with this issue!

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 29th 2019, 23:16:47

I noticed earlier today the first proper post I made about the JagSD was on the 20th of June 2016! That’s a bloody long time ago. Although I did also produce the NeoGeoPocket SD as well in the interim... 😄
Coming soon...

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 29th 2019, 23:00:26

Amiga you say? That looks pretty damn nice.
Metro Siege - HOT NEWS as an incredible Amiga brawler is announced! (Exclusive screenshots/footage!) #retrogaming #gaming #amiga #amigaretweets #gamersunite #gamedev #homebrew #arcade #indiegamedev

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 29th 2019, 20:54:23

The Lynx SD Slim is now starting to happen! The Microcontroller and microSD are talking to each other and next to-do is hooking up the SRAM and other ancillary chips to get it talking to the Lynx.

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 29th 2019, 20:47:30

Whoever decided output enable on this chip should be active high, not low, should be severely reprimanded and docked a months pay! If I see output enable, and I want it always on, I'm going to tie it to ground without even thinking, right? I hate 0.5mm pitch chip bodge wires! 😬

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 27th 2019, 22:01:47

This is the support you get when you buy a premium product. Problems get investigated and resolved in minutes. 😆

I just want to double check I can replicate the issue and the fix is good, then a new firmware will follow.

Hows the Chinese knock-off support these days? 😝
Just wanted to confirm the bug is what I thought it was. Using the MRQ files will solve the problem. There will be a firmware fix tomorrow. 😄

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 27th 2019, 11:17:00

First JagSD in the wild! 😁
Oh happy day! Got the amazing new JaguarSD from @TheRetroHQ. dothemath

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 24th 2019, 10:43:58

First batch of JagSD mail dropped off. Order tracking numbers now available in your account and tracking should update once the sorting office have dome some sorting! Not sure how long this takes given it's Saturday... 🤔

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 23rd 2019, 22:35:57

People have spoken, it is clear I must work on a Puzzle Bobble style game for the Jaguar. With spinner control! Mmmm, spinner.

I’m saddened by the lack of love for Puzznic, though. Loved that game and have written a couple of clones of it already... 😆
What style of arcade puzzler would you like to see on the Jaguar? Comment if your favourite is not there!

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 23rd 2019, 12:59:21

I've had the pleasure of having a chat with Arcade Attack @Arcade_Adriano about all things retro and Jaguar shaped. Have a read for a bit of rose-tinted reminiscing and looking toward the retro future!

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 23rd 2019, 09:45:34

It's alive! The PC3 is alive! Obligatory removal of anything which might go bang before first power on. Really pleased to have this Atari relic in my possession. 😊

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 20th 2019, 10:49:45

After my little bit of ranting on the negative, I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone for their unbelievable support during getting this project to release! First units will be shipping around the beginning of next week. 😄

SainT : RetroHQ :

August 20th 2019, 08:42:56

Just bought one of these. Lol. 😆

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