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September 28th 2018, 21:54:36

I think maybe ditching the framing and just going for off the borders might work better on a TV. Makes the preview section a little less disjoint. I could do with someone with more artistic ability to do something nicer for the preview marquee. 😆

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 27th 2018, 15:55:53

A slightly odd obsession of mine. Converting nice looking pixel art into 16 colour Atari STE palette compatible images. I'm pretty crap at drawing, but I can reduce the colour palette of things quite well... lol. 😆

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 26th 2018, 10:17:32

If I eventually get the time to create a game, it may look a bit like this. A combination of bought assets from @pita_akm (love his stuff!) converted to a 16 colour Atari STE palette and other random bits. I'd love to do a tactical fantasy RPG.

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 26th 2018, 09:36:29

OMG, maths to C converter!!
hey cool, math translated to code you actually understand

whoa.. maybe we could finally learn university level math this way.. taught using a language we already understand

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 24th 2018, 22:06:34

More new old games! Awesome. 😄
Have you seen Kung-Fu UFO's #crowdfunding?
We have free shipping and a playable demo.
Every backer gets a Steam Key if we reach our goal
Consider helping us! RTs are welcome.

#sega #megadrive #16bit #gamedev #indiegame #homebrew #retrogame #indiegogo

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 24th 2018, 21:35:03

Got stuck back into the #JaguarSD today! I've split the firmware into a bootloader and main firmware. The bootloader checks for an update file on the SD card and executes the main firmware if its not there. Now to write the micro self-updater and ASIC bitstream update code... 😀

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 5th 2018, 21:24:56

Jeez, I've been neglecting Twitter with all this nice weather! Lovely review and look at Lynx homebrew, cheers Kieren! 😄
In my latest hardware review I take a look at the excellent @TheRetroHQ SD Card for the Atari Lynx
@LynxHandyCast @TheAtariGamer @Atari_VB_Pod #Atari #RETROGAMING #Everdrive @Atarimania

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