SainT : RetroHQ :

September 13th 2019, 09:35:04

Holy crap! Ok, I now know why some of the JagSD carts I've posted out didn't get tracking information and have been delayed! It looks like this one was dropped in a puddle and run-over... 😲

Jody Hicks

September 12th 2019, 05:10:04

just quick gameplay footage of Rayman on the Jag using @TheRetroHQ Jag SD a Gen2Jag cable adapter with a Genesis @HDRetrovision component cable. A Beautiful image..... #atari #gamers #retrogamers #retrogaming

Peter Fletcher

September 12th 2019, 02:21:54

Atari Party East is this Saturday. I need to better organize the files on the Jaguar SD cart and soon. I will also be bringing my McWill screen modded Lynx and the Lynx SD card from @TheRetroHQ.

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 11th 2019, 22:22:23

More Jaguar video-out loveliness. And as an added bonus, they look like squares of chocolate! Well, to my eyes anyway... 😄
Almost ready! This last batch of GEN2Jag and Snes2Jag took waaaay to long to make. Just some clean up and final testing and they should be good to go! #RetroGaming #gamers #Atari

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 11th 2019, 22:15:21

Watch the video, then remind yourself it’s a C64. 😮
#C64 #SHMUP progress: a little WIP video of stage 7...

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 11th 2019, 21:56:56

Express your age as a games console. I’m Atari 2600 years old. I was born with gaming, how appropriate... 😄

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 10th 2019, 16:57:07

Love this stuff. 😄
Is it perfect, no, but is it the original face plate and @iFixRetro 's logo embedded inside a clear NES controller shell, why yes, yes it is

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 9th 2019, 17:37:49

The very first RetroHQ product. An Enterprise 64 RAM expansion. It all started here, folks! 😆
Stumbled on an ancient @TheRetroHQ product (from @JungsiGerhard)

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 6th 2019, 15:28:00

Guess what this means I'm doing... 😄

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 5th 2019, 20:15:22

Lol, $28 for a couple of bits of wire is ok but $200 for an extremely complex piece of electronic equipment with years of development... too expensive. Sigh. 🙄 Better get spending $80 a game instead then.

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 3rd 2019, 13:38:15

While I'm waiting for more JagSD PCB's to arrive the NeoGeo Pocket is getting some long overdue attention. 😁

SainT : RetroHQ :

September 3rd 2019, 12:06:11

Doom? With music? But surely they said that was impossible!? This is the sort of interesting thing you can have running on your Jaguar using the Jaguar SD. 😄 @nostalnerd
Follow the progress here:

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